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CS 5460 Japan Special Edition Duo, Koi Fish

13,30 €

CS 5460 Japan Special Edition Duo, Koi Fish

13,30 €

Inspired by Japan

A land like a breath of fresh air. Japan casts its spell on you, enchants you - even if you don't understand anything, the symbols, the characters, the words. And then you know, just smile, that's enough to make yourself understood.

Special editions

An eye-catching bathroom accessory, available in a twin pack. The designs are the result of collaborations with local, international, established and upcoming artists. They were all a little surprised when they were commissioned – a toothbrush? Really? But they’ve all ended up using the CS 5460 themselves. Special editions stay in our range for an extended period. Comes in a blister pack.

What you’ll find inside

Plaque’s toughest opponent – the gentleness of Curen® bristles. The CS 5460 ultra soft’s 5,460 Curen® filaments form an incredibly dense and efficient cleaning surface. Gentle as they are on gums and teeth, the Curen® filaments are extremely tough on plaque. Once you’ve tried a CS 5460 toothbrush, you’ll never want to give up that clean feeling.

  • Gentle thanks to Curen® filaments
  • Efficient cleaning surface thanks to 5,460 densely packed Curen® filaments
  • The compact head set at a slight angle reaches every nook and cranny
  • The octagonal grip helps you to clean at the right angle
  • Made in Switzerland

Curaprox toothbrushes don’t only protect you from damage during cleaning, they optimally disrupt and remove plaque. Curen® bristles are stiffer than nylon and stay just as firm in your mouth as they are when dry. These properties make it possible to produce toothbrushes with a very high number of very fine bristles.

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